LED High Bay Light Fixtures

Model Number : EK-HD-500
Product Name: 500w 800w 1000w high bay warehouse lighting
Recommend the Watts: : 400w 500w 800w 1000w 1200w
Waterproof Index : IP65
Earthquake-proof Index : IK085
Working Temperature(℃): -35 to +40
Surface Color : Dark Gray, Light Gray, Black, Customized etc
Contain Accessories : Aluminum Body, Toughened Glass, Handle,Assembly Screws, Rubber Ring


  1. Led cast light lamp heatsink , the use of heat pipe cooling technology to solve the problem of high power dissipation,
  2. The whole body of the heat radiating body is treated by oxidation, and the corrosion resistance
  3. Protection level to IP65, dust and waterproof to meet all kinds of outdoor harsh environmental · requirements
  4. A variety of heatsink 100w -1500w be choose
  5. Can be fitted with different drivers , chips according to different reqruirements of the accessories
  6. 25 60 90 degree reflector choose
  7. Fin shape heat radiation with copper heat pipe design
  8. Round ,square shape reflector can be choose
  9. Easy installation and maintenance with waterproof prevention

Specification and Dimension

Item No.  Casing Size(mm)  Suggest Power   Accessories
EK-HD-W400D366*H452*W268400W8pcs copper pipe 20pcs aluminum finHeat sink, glass cover, Reflector, screws.
EK-HD-W500D366*H511*W268500W10pcs copper pipe 26 pcs aluminum fin
EK-HD-W600D366*H511*W268600W12pcs copper pipe 26 pcs aluminum fin
EK-HD-W700D366*H511*W268700W12pcs copper pipe 36 pcs aluminum fin
EK-HD-W800D370*H410*W230800W1 6pcs copper pipe 32 pcs aluminum fin
EK-HD-W1000D440*H410*W2301000W126pcs copper pipe 40 pcs aluminum fin
EK-HD-W1500D535*H410*W2301500W16pcs copper pipe 50 pcs aluminum fin