Solar LED Street Light

Model Number : EK-SLD01
Product Name: Die Cast Aluminum LED Solar Street Light
Recommend the Watts: : 50w 65w
Waterproof Index : IP65
Earthquake-proof Index : IK08
Working Temperature(℃): -20-45 20%-90%RH
Surface Color : Dark Gray, Light Gray, Black, Customized etc
Contain Accessories : Efficient solar panels, Plate press,Die cast Aluminum body, Seal ring, PCB,Angle adjusting sleeve, set screws, Light source aluminum substrate


  1. Low-voltage self-activation of the battery to ensure that the batter -fed conditions of normal charging;
  2. It can automatically adjust the output power according to the remaining capacity of the battery to extend the use time;
  3. Constant voltage output to load can be set to normal/timing/optical control output mode;
  4. With dormancy function,can effectively reduce their own less;
  5. Multi-protection function,timely and effective protection of products from damage,while the LED indicator to prompt;
  6. Have real-time data, day data,historical data and other parameters to view;

Two Installation Methods

The luminaire adopts horizontal and vertical installation and supports angle adjustment,which can be adjusted according to different lighting environment to meet different lighting needs.

Specification and Dimension

Technical parameter
Product modelCombatant-ACombatant-B
Rated power20W-30W40W-60W
Light source voltage12.8V12.8V
lithium battery12.8V/20AH12.8V/36AH
Solar panel18V/50W18V/65W
Light source typeBat Wing for light
luminous efficiency120-150Lm/W
LED life50000H
Working Environment-20°C-45°C 20%--90%RH
RH Storage Temperature-20°C-70°C.10%-90%RH
Body MaterialAluminum die-casting
Lens MaterialPC Lens PC
Microwave induction
Installation height4-6m6-8m
Lamp body size780 x 468 x 153mm1080 x 468 x 153mm
Luminaire N.W/kg/kg

Dimensional Drawing

Protection Grade

IP65: The dust density completely prevents the foreign matter invasion and may completely prevent the dust invasion,
Prevents the spray water invasion,prevents from all directions by the nozzle spray water enters the lamps to cause the damage;
IK08: 10J Impact force equivalent to the impact of a 5KG object falling from a height of 200mm on a surface.

Application Scene

Streets,Paths and bike paths Residential streets Shared zones,commercial streets in urban areas Rural Road,Urban roads, Motorways and ring roads