40w LED garden light with Aluminum case

Model Number : EK-GLH03
Product Name: Die Cast Aluminum solar garden light
Recommend the Watts: : 40w 80w
Waterproof Index : IP65
Earthquake-proof Index : IK09
Working Temperature(℃): -20-45
Surface Color : Dark Gray, Light Gray, Black, Customized etc
Contain Accessories : Aluminum lamp Body, Reflector, Handle,High permeability PC cover, light sleeve,Light Source aluminum substrate.


  1. PV is at 4-degree slope for better rain cleaning,
  2. Lights can be grouped by remote control,
  3. 2.4G remote signals is more strong and sensitive,
  4. 4H 6H 12H option changeable by remote,
  5. LED power is changeable at 5 leves to save power,
  6. Dual CCT is changeable between 3000k and 4000K,
  7. 600 cycles brand new LifePO4 battery pack,
  8. Equipped PIR motion sensor can be ON/OFF, Dusk to Dawn auto ON/OFF

The 5 degree slope design not only makes the appearance beautiful and unique, Inclined sunrise can obtain higher charging efficiency which is at least 15% higher than the level,
At the same time, the slope design of the solar panel is not easy to accumulate dust,which can be washed away by the rain.
It not only has higher power generation but also is easier to maintain.
The multi-color light can be selected and the white light , warm light and 16 million color RGB color light can be switched freely according to the customer's preferences.
The products sleeve adopts removable "movable" design which reduces the packaging volume,facilitates packaging and reduces the transportation cost.

LED solar garden light LED solar street lighting
40w to 200w power lamp housing LED Solar Garden Light , IK09 aluminum led light case.

Specification and Dimension

Product Description

  1. High-efficiency solar panels
    Strict selection of materials after many tests sort and select qualified cells, using a special lamination process,
    Guarantee EVA and tempered glass,the adhesive strength of the backlane,Make the performance of solar panels good,
    Long life and high power generation efficiency.
  2. Lithium iron phosphate battery
    The cycle life is more than 1000 times,Safe to use no firs and no explosion; High temperature resistance and large capacity,
    Green and environmentally friendly,non-toxic non-polluting.
  3. Infrared induction design
    When someone enters the sensing range the special sensor detects the change of the infrared spectrum of human body and automatically switch on the load,
    People will be connected continuously without leave,the load will be reduced automatically after a delay.
  4. High efficiency LED
    Using high -efficiency LED, the luminous efficiency is up to 170lm/w, The light sealing lens is made of anti ultraviolet PC,which has anti-aging and impact resistance performance,realizing long-term use.
    Through the unique optical lens cut-off design,we can eliminate the pollution of lighting to the environment.
  5. Reflector design
    Nano-ploymer reflective materials can enhance the light reflectivity, thus improving the overall lighting efficiency and achieving the purpose of energy conservation.
  6. High transmittance PC cover
    Customized high transparency and ultra-white crystal PC cover and meet the requirements of beautiful lamps and ensure the light efficiency and anti-glare of lamps and lanterns.
  7. Socket 76mm
    The sleeve adopts the national standard ADC12 die cast aluminum which ensures the heat dissipation performance at the same time and has an ultra-high cost performance.

Dimensional Drawing