1. Environmental requirements

LED street lights should be able to work long-term, continuously and reliably under the following outdoor natural conditions:
Outdoor use temperature: -25℃~+50℃;
Relative humidity: not more than 90% (25℃±5℃);
Outdoor storage temperature: -45℃~+85℃;
Relative humidity: less than or equal to 90% (25℃±5℃);
Applicable pole height: 12 meters, 10 meters, 8 meters;
Input rated voltage range ±15%, 20%, full range; input rated frequency range ±3Hz.

2 General technical requirements

2.1 Appearance

There should be no scratches on the surface of the LED street light, and there should be no damage to the production, transportation, installation and The sharp corners and burrs of the user.
The surface color of the sprayed parts should be uniform, the coating film should be smooth, the thickness should be uniform, and there should be no sagging,
Accumulation, exposure, wrinkles and other defects that affect the appearance, the surface of the lamp should have a certain degree of corrosion resistance
Ability (resistance to acid rain, no corrosion and paint removal within 50 years under natural conditions).
The welding part should be flat and firm, without welding penetration, false welding, spattering, etc.

2.2 Functional components

The internal connecting wire of the LED street lamp is firmly fixed, and the locking force is guaranteed to be greater than 4.5Kg force/cm;
Cross-line must comply with safety regulations; there are corresponding effective anti-wear measures at the outlet.
The dust-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof components inside the LED street light are practical and useful.
During its life, its protection can reach the original design requirements; protection grade A products should not be lower than IP67; Grade B products should not be lower than IP66; Grade C products should not be IP65.

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