The LED street lighting project in Brazil was finished in 2018. According to the high temperature in Brazil, we recommended EK-LD05 L size street light housing to customer do led finished lighting 200w, The EK-LD05 series have passed the test of waterproof IP66, no problem working by sea and high temperature environment,

The Heat sink design Aluminum body design of our street light housing doesn't need to worry about heat dissipation and Dust prevention. Our clients are satisfied with the lighting effect because there were no LED street lights body and Driver,Chips broken during the past 5 years.

EK-LD05 Series Products

Item No.Casing Size(mm)Match PowerAccessories
 EK-LD05(mini)507*210*143 (3kg)20-40W ( lamp post 50mm)Aluminum Casing, tempered glass,Rubber ring, screws.
  EK-LD05 (S)616*259*186 (4kg)60-80W( lamp post 60mm)
 EK-LD05 (M)676*303*186(5.7kg80W-120W( lamp post 60mm)
 EK-LD05 (L)860*370*186 (11.5kg)160-200W( lamp post 60mm)