High pole lights generally refers to a new type of lighting device composed of steel conical lamp pole and high power combined lamp frame below 15 meters and 35 meters above. It is composed of lamp head, interior high pole lamp, electric, pole body and base part,High pole lamp is widely used, such as city square, station, wharf, freight yard, highway, stadium, overpass.

The high pole lamp has a wide range of lighting, high brightness, has become an indispensable part of urban outdoor lighting, favored by people.

  • 1. Material standards
    In view of the open-air working environment of pole lamp, all parts made of steel such as the lamp pole are impregnated with zinc to ensure corrosion resistance for 30 years,Electrical contact parts are brass or silver plated electrolytic copper, suspended cable stainless steel, and meet the current national installation standards. Hot galvanized not less than 80 um and passivation treatment.
  • 2. Standard for high-rod lamps
    Using aluminum die-casting shell, easy to dissipate heat, can effectively control temperature and prolong life. Toughened glass with rapid change, thermal stability, internal smoldering and high temperature resistance wiring, wire inlet with sealing device, effectively prevent moisture from entering, lamp protection grade above IP65, lamp holder can withstand 30 m/s wind speed.
  • 3. Light source standards
    The service life should reach 50000 H、 efficient high pressure sodium lamp or high light LED light source, which has the function of-trigger function, usually 200 W-1000W. 220 v. supply voltage.
  • 4. Power factor standards
    Power factor adjustment capacitors with sufficient capacity to make the line power factor greater than 0.85-0.95
    Manufacture of LED High mast light ,1200w 100w led high pole light ,led street light

What the regular lighting efficiency of led street light ?

At present, the LED has been standardized, the light efficiency of the whole lamp depends on the three major pieces,

  • 1.Light source chip,
    The current use of imported chips such as: Osram, Philips, Samsung, more cree, packaging shape is also different, imitation lumen, SMD, the current 3030 light efficiency is the highest.
  • 2.Secondary lens,
    The function of secondary lens is to change the angle and range of light irradiation, and the transmittance of lens will also affect the light efficiency. At present, lenses with transmittance greater than 85% are commonly used in the market.
  • 3. LED street light Power supply,
    Driving power conversion efficiency also determines the light efficiency of the whole lamp, the current market is basically above PF>0.95 power supply.
    100W street lamp, configure and select Samsung 3030 lamp bead, about 123 lm/w, luminous flux 12300 LM.