Rainwater volume increases obviously, when using LED street light, must ensure its waterproof performance is good. Without the waterproof work of LED street lamp, light will cause LED street light not to be on and short circuit, Heavy Rain Water enters the interior of the LED lamp head, corrodes the internal wire, makes the wire contact with the lamp pole, thus affecting people’s safety,

As a result, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproof LED street lamps.

  • 1.LED street lamp shell design can not be depressed, as far as possible to choose the on-line through-hole style, which is conducive to the LED of street lamp shell rapid volatilization of moisture;
  • 2.LED street lamp chips, lenses should consider their waterproof performance, to achieve IP65 levels. The rear cover of the lamp head, the back cover of the power box and the piercing hole in the power box are respectively designed with waterproof rubber strip with good sealing performance and waterproof plug;
  • 3. need to do a good job of LED street lamp head aging detection work. LED the waterproof rubber strip at the inner joint of the street lamp head has service life, it is possible to reduce the sealing property after a few years. Therefore LED street lamp manufacturers should do aging testing after production, test its waterproof performance, to ensure at least 5 years of good waterproof performance;

Of course, when you buy LED street lamps, don’t choose the products produced by small workshops. First, because small workshops have less production equipment and poor technology, most LED street lamp waterproofing work is not good. Must buy from regular LED street lamp manufacturer, had better remind everybody not to covet LED street lamp price is cheap.

  • 1.There should be no scratches on the surface of the LED street lamp housing, and there should be no sharp corners and burrs that endanger the production, transportation, installation and use ofthe lamp inside and outside.
  • 2.The surface color of the sprayed parts should be uniform, the coating film should be smooth, and the thickness should be uniform, without sagging, accumulation, bottoming, wrinkles and other defects that affect the appearance,
    The welding part should be flat and firm, without welding penetration, false welding, spattering, etc.