1. Depends LED Chips Brand,

LED Chip is the core luminous element of LED street lighting, different brands, different types of lamp bead luminous efficiency and color index are different. At present, most lamps and lanterns on the market
are single crystal chips, integrated chips are also called COB chips, the efficiency is better than single crystal chips. As a result, when choosing and purchasing, try to select COB chips, not only long service life, but also high luminous efficiency, color index, and more widely used occasions.

2.led street light Brightness,

Buy LED street lamp, many consumers mistakenly think that the higher the brightness, the better, in fact, this is a great misunderstanding. Too bright lights are like midday sun, not only damage eyesight, but also affect physical and mental health, especially simple to cause children's withdrawn, irritable, irritable personality. Therefore, when selecting lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to combine the area and environment of the place, refer to the luminous flux index and color temperature of the product, and purchase the suitable LED street lamp lamps. For example, the bedroom as far as possible to select 3000 K of color temperature lamps, not eye-catching, the living room can select more than 4000 K of lamps, a little brighter, of course, in the same space different color temperature combination plan to enhance the sense of space.

3.Check LED Color Index

Color index is to see the object in the led street lamp light to restore the color of the reality, the higher the better. General lamp color index above 80 LM is better, the higher the color index, the higher the object reduction in light.

4.Check Die cast heat sink dissipation,

Because the light bulb lighting process will produce heat, so the bulb must have better heat dissipation performance. The heat-dissipating materials of light bulbs generally include aluminum, ceramicsand plastics. When purchasing, it is best to select aluminum or ceramic light bulbs, plastic raw materials as far as possible.