Our factory is a professional die casting factory, exporting LED die cast street lamp housing, However, due to our more than 12 years of experience in this industry, we have also accumulated a lot of resources, such as PCB manufacturers, Power Supply manufacturers, Disconnector electrical appliance manufacturers, LED Chips manufacturers and so on,

If required, we can also help purchase accessories like power supply, LED Chips,
SKD semi-bulk parts to the customer's country, the customer assembles the finished lamps

Advantages of SKD mode outlet method:

  • 1.---Using this way for the exporter, in addition to save freight, use the importer of cheap labor force, but also can enjoy a lower import tariff than the complete importing.
  • 2.---To promote the development of the domestic industry, and increase employment opportunities, and occupy the domestic market.

There are a few ways to work with our LED Street Light Housing :

  • 1.Only export aluminum empty housing,rubber ring,screws;
  • 2.Aluminum light housing with PCB, Lens together;
  • 3.Aluminum Housing with PCB,Lens, LED Chips,Driver, circuit breaker,Sensor,Socket,Lightning protection device;

The above situation is not assembled by our company finished products, customers transported to the local country assembly finished products.