ShenZhen EKI Lighting Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of Aluminum Die-Casting LED Street Light Housing With the various of our own developed design and technologies.

We have our own design team, mold research and development team, quality inspection team and our own Die Casting machines, CNC machines,Fine processing, powder spraying assembly line.

At present, our factory has more than 12sets of die cast LED street light aluminum housing mold and Since 2019, the street light die-casting aluminum housing has been exported to more than 20 countries Example the Russia,Spain,United Kingdom,Italy,Lithuania, Ethiopia
Thailand,Korea,Indonesia,Singapore,Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Morocco and so on.

Every year, our factory develops and designs 1-2 new street light or led garden light die cast molds for our regular customers to update their products and promote on the market, and die cast aluminum street light body more than 80000pcs a year.

If you have your own design CAD and 3D drawings, and you want us to help open the mold, production street Light aluminum body that’s will no problem,
Usually, we have the following two cooperation modes with our customers who design the mold by themselves:

  • 1.We make die cast mold according clients’ drawing and export streetlight die casting mold to customer;
  • 2.Making die cast mold from client’s design produce in our factory and export the aluminum body to customer;

If you have your design and welcome discuss with us help make new mold export to you.