First, we should pay attention to the service life of LED street lamps. LED street lamp life is relatively long, but affected by the environment, light decline and other factors, LED street lamp life is affected, in the purchase of LED street lamp must understand clearly the manufacturer’s road light decline and service life, generally good quality, light decline small, life longer, its price will be higher。

Second, we should pay attention to the LED chips used in LED street lamps. LED chip is the core part of LED street lamp, LED the quality of the chip affects the service life, brightness, light color and so on of the street lamp. When buying LED street lamps, understand where the LED chips provided by the manufacturer are used. The quality of imported LED chips is slightly better, but the price of LED street lamps using imported LED chips is quite expensive.

Attention should be paid to LED the quality assurance time of street lamps. The quality LED street lamp manufacturer-Yi Jia Optoelectronics, dare to be responsible for LED street lamp quality assurance time is very long. General LED street lamp warranty is more than 5 years.

Fourth, we should pay attention to the brightness of LED street lamps. The brightness of LED street lamp is an important factor in our choice of LED street lamp. The brightness of LED fluorescent lamp we use is generally about 85 LM/W. Generally, the higher the brightness per watt, the higher the lumen, the higher the price of LED street lamp.

Fifth, we should pay attention to LED the light color of street lamps. The more stable the wavelength of LED street lamp, the more consistent the light color of LED street lamp, the better the quality of the street lamp.

1.Luminous decay, better LED lamps have luminous decay <30% before 25000 hours; LED Street light housing ,led flood light housing ,100w led street light supplier and factory in china;

2.Luminous efficiency, which is the number of lumens per watt, in LM/W. It reflects the energy-saving performance of the lamp. The better the energy-saving lamp, the higher the luminous efficiency. With the improvement of LED luminous efficiency, CREE may produce 186lm/w light source this year. LED Streetlight , ip66 led street light empty casing factory in ningbo;

3.The light source is high-power LED, straw hat lamp or piranha-type LED; LED lighting fixtures use high-power LED as the light source, and the price is relatively high; while the price of straw hat lamp or piranha-type LED is very cheap and not suitable for lighting The light source of class lamps. led tunnel light ,200w led floodlight ,100w led road lighting.

4. Drive power. A good drive power can guarantee the life of the overall lamp. The theoretical life of LED is 100,000 hours while the life of general drive power is less than 100,000 hours; in order to ensure the life of the overall lamp, the drive power is also a key part; On the one hand, the LED must be driven by a constant current, if a low-cost constant voltage drive is used, the life of the LED will be shortened.